All employees of El Paso Head and Neck Surgery have had both COVID-19 vaccines. We continue to take precautions such as requiring masks in our waiting area. If you feel comfortable removing your mask once in the exam room you are welcome to do so. 

Dr. Westbrook is a vaccine advocate. He understands that there are risks associated with any medical intervention, including vaccines. As such, the decision for each individual of any age should be made with all appropriate and available information of the applicable risks and benefits. 

It is the recommendation of Dr. Westbrook that any adult who has not previously tested positive for COVID-19 and has a good immune system should seek out the vaccine. 

The decision as to whether or not teenagers should be vaccinated should be weighed carefully as this population has not proven to be a high-risk population for severe disease, nor have they been proven to contribute significantly to the spread of the virus. Reputable information on the risks and benefits can be found at 

The medical benefit for children under the age of 15 has not been substantiated by medical studies. ​