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COVID 19 Updates


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Covid19 - related faq's

  • Can I see you if I am having symptoms of illness?

    Our COVID-19 screening questions and COVID-19 spread prevention policy can be seen by clicking on these links or by visiting the COVID-19 page of our website.
    You may already be aware that the highest area of detectable viral load in a patient in the back of the nose (nasopharynx). Most of the patients an ENT doctor sees require evaluation in this area. Additionally, our physical exam techniques can stimulate coughing and sneezing which aerosolizes viral particles in sick patients. For these reasons, we are very stringent in our adherence to our prevention policies. Our patients have been gracious in understanding the mild inconveniences and limitations the creates in our scheduling and availability.

  • Is it safe to go back to normal?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our lives in so many ways. New variants, changing rules and regulations on local, national and even global levels make it difficult to feel comfortable about what used to be normal daily activities. We are all now being forced to be thoughtful about risk/benefit analysis of what used to be mundane tasks such as going to the grocery store or gathering for social events.
    We must continue to be aware that what constitutes a safe or acceptable practice for you may be much different for other people you come into contact with. It seems to be a delicate balance between personal freedoms (wearing a mask or not, traveling or staying home) vs. consideration for the fears and safety of others. This is not new to us. We make similar decisions every time we drive a vehicle or engage in ANY activity that has the potential to impact those around us.
    Patience and courtesy must be the driving forces in our civic engagement. Opinions and concerns should not be politicized unnecessarily as this only complicates our efforts to navigate difficult situations.

  • What can I do to prevent Covid-19?

    It has been clearly established through sound medical studies that COVID-19 is spread through the air. You are at the highest risk if you are in enclosed spaces for extended periods of time with individuals that are infected.
    There is very little risk to transmission in the outdoor environment so get outside, get active and loose the mask when outdoors!N-95 masks are now widely available. These masks offer the best protection for yourself and those you are around. All other masks are helpful but the level of efficacy is hotly debated and not clearly established through scientific study.
    Frequent nasal saline irrigations (Neti pot, Navage, Neil Med, etc). Adding a few drops of iodine or betadine cleanser until it is the color of watered-down tea can be very effective if you think you may have been in contact with a person who has active COVID-19 infection.